woodland management

Thompson Tree Care Ltd provide a full range of Woodland Management and Forestry services throughout Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

Felling, Thinning, Coppicing & more

We provide professional woodland management services to landowners throughout Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Our services are of particular interest to clients looking to regain control of poorly-managed woodlands.

Maintenance of our forests and woodlands goes beyond simple aesthetics, with many woodlands offering substantial return on any investment made. 

A proper management plan produces valuable products such as firewood or charcoal & woodfuel chip to name but a few.

Our priority is in offering sustainable woodland management services, whereby we will look to help improve its amenity value, whilst also focusing on conservation and bio-diversity.


Woodland Management services include:

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management whereby trees are cut to coppice stools and allowed to regenerate.

Once regrown the trees can be harvested again in cycles. This keeps valuable understory in the woodland whilst growing a renewable source of wood for firewood and other natural products.

The most common trees to be coppiced are Alder, Hazel, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut & Willow.

Track and ride creation
Tracks or rides are essential for access into amenity woodlands. This can be from small footpaths for walkers or larger rides for commercial forestry activities such as woodland extraction.

Felling & Thinning
Felling and selective thinning of trees in a woodland or forest environment are essential for the health of individual trees and the woodland as a whole. Newly planted sections of woodlands are generally closely planted, with a long-term view of selectively thinning poorer specimens thereby allowing more room for the remaining trees to grow.

Thinning will be carried out periodically, and over time will yield fine mature specimen trees.

The thinnings can be used as firewood, charcoal or sold for joinery timber.


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