We have a professional but personal touch in our approach to your hedge maintenance needs. Our team of highly-skilled and qualified tree surgeons provide commercial and domestic shrub and hedge maintenance to businesses and homes across Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

Hedge cutting

Thompson Tree Care Ltd offer professional hedge cutting services, from the ongoing management of small hedgerows and shrubs, to the heavy reduction of overgrown conifer hedges. We aim to offer a cost-effective solution to homeowners and commercial clients alike.

Shrub maintenance

Shrubs can quickly outgrow their space when left unpruned. We can manage your shrubs on a regular basis to keep them to the desired form or offer more substantial pruning or reduction works to overgrown shrubs. Depending on the variety, these can often be pruned heavily back to bare wood.


We are able to manage your ornamental shubs and hedges, either maintaining their existing shapes, or creating new forms that can be improved over subsequent seasons. We offer a 100% reliable service to all our customers with a view to building a long-term relationship where we can build upon our work year on year. 

Hedge restorations

For large overgrown hedgerows, where possible we can offer solutions for restoring them. This is often done through a combination of heavy reduction, and possibly replanting, with a view to restoring them to their former glory. In some cases where a hedge has simply been left for too long, we can advise on options for the complete removal of the hedge, along with the stumps, and the replanting of a suitable replacement hedge, or even fencing.


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