We have a professional but personal touch in our approach to your tree service needs. Our team of highly-skilled and qualified tree surgeons provide commercial and domestic tree surgery and felling services to businesses and homes across Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.


The term tree surgery refers to a broad term of works typically carried out on a tree to improve its health, safety, or simply to help trees co-exist with humans in urban areas. Thompson Tree Care Ltd offer a full range of tree surgery services from our base in Edenbridge, covering the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Reductions & shaping

A reduction is often carried out on larger trees that have outgrown the space they grow in. They might typically be overhanging houses or other man-made structures, blocking light, or perhaps causing safety concerns due to general poor health and compromised limbs. A reduction from a professional arborist can help retain trees in built-up areas to the benefit of all to enjoy for many years to come.

Crown lifting / Raising 

Similarily to a reduction, the raising of a tree’s crown (removing lower branches) can often let a lot more natural light filter through the tree, but also it can be necessary for road or footpath clearance.


Pollarding is another technique typically used as a means of maintaining and controlling the size of trees in built-up environments. Perhaps seen as more drastic than a reduction, It involves the regular removal of regrowth throughout the tree, ultimately forming the familiar ‘pollard knuckles’ seen on some of our street trees.

Pruning / Thinning

Selective pruning of a tree’s crown can achieve many of the benefits of a reduction or crown raise, allowing extra light to filter through the crown, whilst avoiding the heavy regrowth often experienced after a reduction. 

Crown thinning is generally more beneficial for a tree than a reduction and should always be considered where possible. Care however should be taken to ensure work is carried out by a professional arborist, and at the right time of the year for the tree species in question.

TREE felling

Due to the inherent dangers associated with tree felling, it should only ever be carried out by trained, certified, and insured professionals. Thompson Tree Care Ltd holds up-to-date certification for all tree felling operations and is pleased to provide these services throughout Kent, Sussex, and Surrey.

section dismantling

In built-up urban environments, the straight felling of a tree is rarely an option. In these circumstances, it becomes necessary to remove the tree in sections by means of a professionally trained and qualified tree climber and experienced ground staff. 

With the right team on the job, trees can be successfully dismantled and lowered into even the smallest of back gardens. Contact us today to discuss tree removal options.


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